Custom Application Development

Custom Web and Mobile Applications

Your business can either thrive or fail based on the tools you have access to. Your devices, networks, applications, etc. must work perfectly in order for daily operations to function efficiently… but that isn’t always enough. You need access to the RIGHT tools in order to reach your full potential.

There are so many applications available on the market; but they are developed with everyone in mind. You need your applications designed specifically for the challenges your business faces each day, and off-the-shelf products may not have all the functionality you need. Therefore, you need to turn to application development experts.

Astir Analytics has extensive experience designing, building, and implementing custom business intelligence software applications.

Custom built applications can take a long time to design and build… and we understand that businesses evolve in that time. In the weeks or months it takes to fully develop and test a custom designed application, the business requirements of the customer may have changed. The end result will be custom software that no longer meets the exact needs of the customer.

Astir Analytics employs a unique development process that keeps customers close to their product as it is being built. Ongoing discovery processes will flush out evolving business requirements, our use of the latest DevOps tools and Agile Methodologies allows for rapid prototyping. This unique process ensures that the end product meets the exact specifications of our customer and exceeds their expectations.

Astir Analytics has developed a wide range of unique business intelligence applications, both for the web and mobile. Below are some examples of the unique applications we have developed:

Marketing Campaign Measurement

This robust application takes high volumes of marketing campaign data from multiple sources (both online and offline) and processes it for complex reports. Data is standardized, cleansed, and housed for retrieval and advanced analysis; providing the customer with detailed, multi-level dashboards.

Back-Office Operations Management

This multi-faceted application automates the entire back-office for our customer. Workflows from various operational areas, such as HR, Accounting, Contracts, Recruiting, etc. are streamlined and automated. This allows for the minimization of human error and frees up resources to focus on more important tasks.

Marketing Campaign ROI

This application measured the return on investment (ROI) of various marketing campaigns based on the impact to sales revenue associated with each target account. As an account based performance indicator, this application provided the client with detailed analysis on the impact to funnel of individual marketing campaigns, campaign types, and marketing collateral/assets.

Survey Tool

This survey engine provides the ability for customers to design and launch custom surveys, which can include multiple question/answer types, complex question logic, and automated responses. The application gathers responses in real time, providing customers with detailed, multi-level reports.

Applicant Tracking

This recruitment tool provides customers with an automated workflow for the applicant recruiting and submission processes. Job submissions are sent through the application, and tracked for detailed debriefs and reporting. Customers gain the ability to measure productivity and greater control over the submission process.

Employee Productivity Tracking

This efficiency measurement application allows customers to track the daily output of their employees for multi-level analysis.

Customer Benchmark Analysis

This advanced research and development tool provided the customer with a methodology to continually measure the performance of their clients in detail. The customer is able to benchmark client performance and measure client against client, providing them with 2 sets of actionable data: a) identify client gaps and automatically match gaps to services in a field guide for sales follow-ups and b) provide clients with detailed analysis of how their organization performs in the industry in relation to other, similar organizations