Marketing and Sales Analytics

Intelligent Solutions for Sales and Marketing
Traditional marketing metrics are no longer effective at demonstrating organizational value. Astir Analytics has the cutting edge business intelligence solutions you need to accurately measure and report on organizational impact.

Marketing professionals face a unique challenge… they have to demonstrate their organizational worth to stakeholders. This is especially difficult to do, since traditional marketing metrics do not offer a quantifiable return on investment (ROI). Astir Analytics has an in-depth understanding of these challenges, and has developed a host of solutions specifically designed for marketing and sales organizations.

Our business intelligence tools are designed to offer marketing and sales organizations with the ability to quantifiably measure the impact of their efforts on the sales funnel. Astir coordinates with customers in order to fully understand their organization: their products, services, departmental structure, marketing and sales efforts, collateral, etc. and custom design analytics solutions to their exact specifications. Our expertise in sales, marketing, research and development, analytics, and information management can be leveraged for your sales and/or marketing organizations… enabling you to measure effectiveness and demonstrate organizational value.

Astir Analytics has the expertise necessary to help customers identify, gather, cleanse, organize, analyze, interpret, and report on data. Examples of the marketing and sales solutions we have custom designed for clients include:

Marketing Campaign Coordination:

Astir has built marketing campaign management tools that allow customers to easily track target lists, campaign types/elements, and collateral to ensure that marketing targets do not suffer fatigue, campaigns do not overlap improperly, and collateral makes it to the right places.

Marketing Campaign Measurement:

Astir custom designed a marketing analytics engine that compiles data from multiple sources, including both online and offline campaigns, in order to measure target interactions and provide scoring for sales follow-ups.

Marketing/Sales ROI:

Astir developed a cutting edge marketing and sales return on investment (ROI) analytics engine that provides account based marketing/sales measurements. Utilizing data on marketing and sales efforts in combination with sales funnel data, providing customers with the ability to demonstrate impact to sales dollars.

Customer Relationship Management:

Astir has custom built multiple web and mobile applications that help customers manage and improve their relationships with customers. Using detailed data capture tools and advanced analytics, Astir Analytics can offer tools that measure customer gaps and pain points, analyze customer trends, and provide detailed reporting for targeted follow-ups.

Below is a partial list of the benefits our sales and marketing solutions offer customers:

  • Identify appropriate data sources
  • Clean and organized data
  • Identify successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns
  • Measurement of campaign effectiveness
  • Quantification of marketing campaign production / contribution
  • Improved Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI)
  • More targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increased marketing campaign effectiveness through predictive analysis
  • More efficiency in resource usage
  • Reduced costs
  • More informed business decisions
  • Continuous improvement and innovation