Flexible, Scalable Business Intelligence Solutions

In order for a business to grow, they need the tools and expertise necessary to gather, access, and report on available data.

Actionable intelligence surrounds us, and when properly utilized can help shape our decision making. Every department within a business has access to a tremendous amount of data; but understanding what data to use and how to use it can be extremely difficult. This is complicated even further if that business doesn’t have the knowledge necessary on finding the right personnel and tools they need to begin identifying, gathering, and leveraging data.

Astir Analytics specializes in business intelligence, data, and information management. We have the necessary services and solutions that can help any business gain the expertise and tools required to make the most of available data.
Below is a partial list of the services and solutions Astir Analytics offers customers:
  • Data and Analytics Consulting
  • Custom Application Development
  • Business Intelligence and Big Data
  • Customer Assessments and Share of Wallet
  • Data and Information Management
  • DevOps
  • Marketing and Sales Analytics

Astir Analytics utilizes a unique business model that keeps customers close to the development process. We start by working closely with customers to help them fully understand their data and technology needs… and then design a custom solution that fits their unique specifications. We then keep our customers close to the development of their custom business intelligence solution, and maintain a continuous discovery process. This allows Astir Analytics to capture any evolving or changing business needs of the customer, and ensures that the end product meets and exceeds customer expectations.